Mixed Signals

This morning as I was driving down a two lane road I encountered a road repair crewman standing in the middle of the intersection. In his right hand was one of those two-sided signs that said SLOW on one side and STOP on the other.

The side that said STOP was facing me, so I did.

However, in complete contradiction to the sign he was holding, the crewman began to motion that I should make a left-hand turn.

I looked to my left and spied a line of cars creeping forward. Should I choose to follow his command, I was positive a collision was in my immediate future.

Thinking he must be confused, I sat still.

When I didn’t move he began gesturing even more emphatically. It was now obvious that even though he was holding up the STOP sign, he meant for me to turn left in front of all those other cars.

Hoping that he knew what he was doing I made the turn. It wasn’t until I was halfway through the turn that I saw another man holding a sign for the oncoming traffic to halt. My view of him had been obscured by a large piece of paving equipment.

It got me to thinking – isn’t that what faith is all about? Following God’s lead when everything in the natural tells you to turn around.

Sometimes the world’s perspective is telling you to stop. Those insidious lies that sneak into our heads say:

There’s no way you can do this. 

It’s completely beyond your skill set.

If you try, you’re going to fail.

And yet the voice of truth whispers:

Go on, I’m right here with you.

A path has been cleared, I’m making your ways straight.

You can do all things when you lean on my strength.

Each day I’m given a new chance to walk in the light or cower in the shadows. I can choose to ignore what the world says about me to rest in the promises God has for my life.

Ultimately, I can view the stop signs of this world’s as an opportunity. An opportunity to make an unexpected turn, while trusting that the signs of life are straight ahead.



3 thoughts on “Mixed Signals

  1. You have hit on exactly what I am dealing with in my life right now. So many people have told me all my life that I need to be writing but fear always held me back. A couple of years ago I felt strongly that even God was saying ‘write’ – so I did. My book has been finished for quite some time now and in the last two weeks I have been getting the avenues for it’s promotion in place. But I find myself suddenly so racked with fear that I feel so weak in my faith. I know God is telling me to make that turn and I know He’ll be visible once I do. But it’s really scary. Thank you for this post. It is part of what will see me through in the coming weeks and months. God Bless You and Yours.

    • Tammi, I’m so glad you stopped by my blog and were able to receive some encouragement. It is so very scary to put ourselves “out there” not knowing what is going to happen when we do. However, we can be certain the when God initiates a good work in us, He will see it through to the end. God has great things in store for you! Blessings and all the best to you. 🙂

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