The God of Everywhere

A thousand miles from home I stared up at a brilliant night sky jeweled with stars. Though positioned in a slightly different spot, the Big Dipper was easily identifiable with Polaris shining brightly in the handle. This vacation to the Dominican Republic was exactly what my husband and I needed. And as the gentle trade winds blew, I offered up a silent prayer thanking God for the opportunity to rest and relax.

Two days later after twelve hours of traveling I found myself looking up at the sky again. This time under different circumstances. After returning to Indianapolis and picking up our car at the airport we found ourselves at the side of the road with a dead car battery. I don’t know anything about cars – what makes them go or not go. I only know that whatever made our car go, went.

The car had been parked in a Park-n-Fly lot for eight days and like a rebellious pet, it seemed to be paying us back for leaving home without it. We should have had only a fifteen minute drive home. But since our last two meals had consisted of a handful of airline pretzels, we decided to first run by a fast food drive through. Unfortunately that need to feed is probably what kept us from making it back home. The car gave up trying to please us a mile from our house.

So at 11:30 pm we found ourselves trudging down a blackened country road, bag of rapidly chilling hamburgers in hand, trying to adjust to the 40 degree temperature change. I’d like to report that it was a pleasant walk.

I’d like to, but I can’t.

Still, it wasn’t entirely bad either.

Despite having to dodge barking dogs protecting their yards, I could still look up at the sky and see the Big Dipper. It was higher here in the northern sky, but beamed brightly all the same. And even as my teeth chattered from the chill I felt a sense of warmth knowing that though the little things in life may change, the big things stay the same.

Just like God.

He is the God of everything and everywhere.

My circumstances may change from good to bad and back again within a twenty-four hour period, but the God of everywhere never changes. He is always good. He is always loving. He is always faithful.

When I’m having  a good day, He is there.

When I’m having a bad day, He is there.

When I’m lying on a sandy beach or walking down a pot holed country road, He is there.

He is always the same even when I am not. Because God is the God of everywhere. So no matter where I am, that is a very good thing.