Mickey Mouse and the Magi

My grandson Isaiah had dumped the pieces of his new Mickey Mouse puzzle on the floor and was calling for me to help him put it back together. As I sat across from him I realized that this was going to be a much more difficult task than I had anticipated. First, there were actually pieces of three puzzles mixed together. Secondly, I was looking at all the pieces upside down – without my glasses on. And probably most importantly, I had no idea what the completed puzzle was supposed to look like since the finished puzzle picture was nowhere in sight.

Problems one and two were easily remedied by slipping on my cheap pair of cheater glasses and sorting the puzzle pieces by their markings on the back. (At this time I’d like to extend my sincere thanks to the Disney puzzle makers for actually putting markings on the back.) Problem number three was also solved after an extensive, but successful search for the box lid picture.

In the process of all the sorting and searching it suddenly occurred to me that this predicament seemed vaguely familiar. And it really had nothing to do with Mickey Mouse.

Everybody knows that it is easier to work toward an end when you have a clear goal in mind. And yet, how often have I fumbled around in my life trying to find the corner pieces so I can fill in the rest without really knowing what the big picture is? And here’s an even bigger question – how can I know what the picture of my life is if I don’t actively seek out the One who knows the answers?

Over two thousand years ago a new star appeared in the eastern sky. It heralded the birth of a king. And those who had been earnestly watching and waiting for it followed after its bright light. Searching for answers, this learned and influential group of men traveled great distances to meet the One who had been promised by the ancient scriptures. They did not know the exact route on which the star would lead them, but they knew Who would be there at the end. According to Matthew 2:11 when they found Him, they bowed down and worshipped him.

When it comes to putting together the pieces of my own life I would do well to embrace the vision of the Magi. To wait and watch eagerly for the signs God has put before me to guide me into the plan He has established for my life. I don’t need to see the whole finished product, but must rest in the knowledge that God knows the good plans He has for my life. He alone has arranged the corner pieces. I need to stay close to His heart to fill in the rest.

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