The Call

The first day of school is just around the corner so this year I decided to call each of my soon-to-be second grade students. Every child’s reaction was just a little bit different. Some were shy, some enthusiastic and one even sounded a tiny bit annoyed that I had interrupted his last few precious moments of summer! Unfortunately, there were also a few students I was unable to reach because the telephone number that was listed had been disconnected.

Early this morning as I woke and said my first hello to Jesus I thought about the parallel of those phone calls and my own prayer life with God. There surely have been times when I have answered His call to me with enthusiasm and vigor, but if I am honest I know there, too, have been times when I have been shy and insecure about what He has called me to do. The sad truth is that there have been times in my life where circumstance or my own willfulness has totally disconnected me from God and I couldn’t even hear the phone ring!

Thankfully, the apostle Paul reminds me in 1 Corinthians 1:9 “God who has called you into fellowship with his Son Jesus Christ our Lord, is faithful.” Even when I am not faithful, the Lord of the universe is. What a blessing to know that even if I happen to miss a call from God, He continues to pursue me into fellowship with Jesus.

I love you, Lord! Today, let me hear Your voice and be sensitive to Your calling.

2 thoughts on “The Call

  1. Anne, so right you are there have been several times usually more times than not. That. we all have been annoyed at the idea of answering what he has asked me to do. it makes me ashamed.

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